Computer and Network Support

Are you frustrated by slow computers or system crashes? Employee productivity down?
Let us maintain and support your computers
Businesses need their computers to be working in and out everyday for their employees to be productive.
Premier Professional Plus:
• Full Detailed Monitoring of each device
• Asset/Software/Hardware Reporting
• Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware
• Warranty Management
• Remote Agent for quick helpdesk access
• Patch Management and Reporting
• Unlimited Helpdesk Support (Remote)
• Unlimited System Administration (Remote)
• Unlimited Emergency On-site Support
Netacom provides the Preventive Maintenance, Reactive Support, and System Administration your Server, Workstations, and Mobile Devices need to keep running efficiently.
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What We Do
Preventive Maintenance
• Apply Microsoft Updates
• Apply Third-Party Updates
• Apply all Anti-virus Updates
• System Clean-up and Defrag
• Security Sweeps
Reactive Support
• Day to Day user issues
• Server / Computer Crashes
• Virus Removal
• Internet Outages
• System Down Emergencies
System Administration
• New Employee Setup
• Exit Employee Disable
• Documentation and Reporting
• New/Upgrade Software Installation
• New Computer Installation

Phone Systems

Netacom Hosted PBX is an affordable and scalable phone solution. With options that include leased business-class phones, software based phones, and a "Bring-your-own-device" option, Netacom provides the Dialtone Lines, Phone System, and Phones for any size and any need!

Benefits of Hosted PBX and VOIP Services
• No need to purchase a costly system
• ALWAYS UP in the Data Center or in the Cloud
• Easy to use, full-featured PBX capabilities
• NO fees for maintenance (Moves/Changes)
• Predicatable monthly budget for phone service
• Manageable from virtually anywhere
• Software Updates managed by Netacom

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• Your numbers will stay the same
• Best customer service in the industry
• No missed calls during switchover

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Phone Lines
Analog, Digital, or VoIP Lines

• Unlimited Local and Long Distance
• Voicemail and Voicemail to Email
• Low-cost International Dialing
• Caller ID with Name
• Call Waiting
• Each line is only $30/month

Hosted PBX System
Phone System Features

• Extension Calling
• Extension Level Voicemail
• Auto Attendant with Menu Tree
• Conference Bridge
• Call Detail Records
• Music on Hold
• Call Queues with Agents
• Call Recording
• FREE Phone Hardware Lease
• Each extension is only $19/month

Server Hosting

Physically move your server into the Datacenter for 100% uptime.
Every day your business relies more and more on your servers, databases, files, and email. Downtime is not an option. Netacom has the solution: Move your server into the datacenter and prevent outages due to power, air conditioning, internet, physical security, fire or water disasters.
Starting for as litle as $199/month.
Virtualize your servers to a Co-location or the Cloud.
Utilize high-performance hardware or powerful cloud systems like AWS and Azure to host virtual servers. These machines function like physical devices but have the added benefit of being dynamically allocated resources, distributed architecture, and world-class performance.
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Internet Access

We provide high-speed business-class internet with unmatched customer support. We work with local, regional, and national Internet Service Providers to craft the perfect network to meet your needs!

Netacom monitors your networks and connections and becomes your first responder in the event of an outage, working with ISP's to report, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues.

Redundancy Multiple Internet Provider Solution We have solutions that utilizes your existing line coupled with our Netacom Internet Circuit to provide you with 100% Internet uptime. SpeCial proMOTION Free Standard Install with 3 Year Agreement Circuit Types Copper - Up to 135Mbs Coax - Up to 300 Mbps Fiber - up 2000Mbs Wireless - 3G and 4G LTE  
Customized and scalable plans that are just right for your business.
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