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The foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding self, understanding others and realizing the impact of personal behavior on the people around you. For more than twenty years, the Personal Profile System® has unlocked the door to productive communication and relationships for over 20 million people, worldwide, through its DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior learning approach.

Setting the Standard for DiSC® Learning

DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior provides a non-judgmental language for exploring behavioral issues. It helps people explore behavior across four primary dimensions:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness
The Personal Profile System® is a multi-level learning instrument that helps individuals assess to what degree they utilize each dimension of behavior in their particular situation. The instrument then provides feedback in several unique formats.

The Personal Profile System®, the result of extensive field research and testing, is newly-scaled to today's diverse workforce. It offers more choices, more reliability and, once again, sets the standard for behavioral-based learning.

One Profile, Many Purposes

The Personal Profile System® lays the foundation for high performance in a wide variety of applications. Use it to help people in your organization:

  • Discover behavioral strengths.
  • Value the strengths of others.
  • Manage effectively.
  • Foster teamwork.
  • Develop strategies to meet diverse needs.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Increase sales.
  • Improve customer relationships.
  • Reduce conflict and stress.

Personal Profile System®:
Price: $13.00


DiSC® Alive! Dimensions of Behavior in Action Video

DiSC® is a simple, reliable, and non-judgmental way to foster understanding, cooperation, acceptance and trust - the keys to performance in today's diverse, team-oriented workplace.

Now, you can enhance your training with the new video, DiSC® Alive!

DiSC® Alive! is an informative and entertaining, 50-minute video that brings the DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior to life. Behavioral differences among diverse people are portrayed in a variety of work and social settings. Viewers clearly see how people can use DiSC® concepts to increase personal effectiveness and manage conflict in everyday situations.

Use DiSC® Alive! in a wide range of applications including:

  • Communications
  • Team Building
  • Management Development
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Training
  • Peer Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Organizational Development

Price: $595.00


Personal Profile System® Facilitator's Kit

Everything you need to administer the Personal Profile System® is contained in the comprehensive Facilitator's Kit. Designed to provide human resource professionals with practical, research-based expertise, the kit helps you deliver Carlson Learning Company's unique Discover & Capitalize approach to workplace learning:

  • Provide a self-directed scoring and interpreting process that actively engages the learner in the context of personal experience.
  • Simplify complex behavioral issues to increase understanding of self and others.
  • Create a non-judgmental language for identifying and dealing with communication and relationship issues.
  • Discover personal strengths.
  • Highlight areas for growth.
  • Foster self-awareness and behavioral insights for long-term performance improvement.
Facilitator's Kit includes:

  • One Facilitator's Manual
  • A fully scripted seminar
  • Transparency masters and reproducible handouts (bound and unbound)
  • Research and technical background and
  • Two Personal Profile System® instruments.
Price: $445.00


Presentation Material On Disk:

Reproducible handouts and transparency masters available as a Microsoft PowerPoint (TM) presentation on disk, including handouts, notes and colored slides. IBM compatible PC and Microsoft PowerPoint (TM) software required.
Price: $100.00


If you and your organization are wondering...
"Is there an easy and reliable way for us to identify and compare different behavorial approaches in our work groups?"

Personal Profile® System for Windows(TM)

Combine the power of DiSC® and the graphic, point and click technology of Microsoft® Windows(TM) to create exciting new dimensions in instrumented learning. The Personal Profile® System for Windows(TM) is quickly becoming the recognized leader in behavioral assessment and performance management software. Deliver insight and information through personalized technology that reflects the learning medium of choice for a growing number of people.

Instant On-screen Access to the World of DiSC®

Personal Profile® System for Windows offers five key advantages over other behavioral software programs: It helps people explore behavior across four primary dimensions:

  • Wide acceptance of the proven and versatile DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior model.
  • Highest standards of validity and, reliability of the Personal Profile System® .
  • User-friendly design that allows quick access and immediate feedback, ensuring an immediate return on your software investment.
  • Multiple application systems in one program including: Self-awareness, Peer Relationships, Performance Coaching, Role Behavior Analysis, DiSC® Profile Comparisons, Inter-Personal Profiles and Client Relationships.
  • Expert technical support
Multiple Applications for Maximum Performance Impact

Choose the Personal Profile® System for Windows (TM) for a wide range of training applications. Use it to help people in your organization:

  • Create individualized, interactive assessment of behavioral strengths.
  • Gain an understanding of differences.
  • Identify areas for personal and group development.
  • Enhance team learning and interaction.
  • Improve management and role effectiveness.
  • Plan appropriate performance coaching strategies.
  • Increase sales and improve customer service.
  • Develop more effective problem solving and communication skills.

Price: $620.00


Response Pad for Windows(TM):
(pad of 50)
Price: $100.00


Role Behavior Analysts Response Pad:
(pad of 50)
Price: $100.00


Personal Profile® System for Windows
Software Report Sample

Price: $15.00 (pad of 50)


Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • IBM or compatible PC with a 386 or higher processor
         minimum 4MB o RAM (8MB recommended) and 10 MB
         free hard drive space.
  • Minimum of 500K of available conventional memory.
  • VGA Monitor.
  • DOS 5.0 or later.
  • Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later.
  • Windows or HP compatible printer with l.5-2 MB printer
         memory (not PostScript).
  • Mouse


    Personal Profile® System Software Usage Charges:

    Personal Profile® System software programs are metered, using a codelock device, in usage units called "clicks" which may be purchased, as needed, by contacting us, your authorized Carlson Learning Company Distributor. Examples of the number of clicks necessary to print one of each report are as follows:

    • General Characteristics: 7 clicks
    • Role Behavior Analysis: 3 clicks
    • Comparison of Person to Role Requirements: 3 clicks
    • Comparison of Person to another Person: 3 clicks
    Usage Clicks
    Price: $5.00 ea.