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Team Building

Program Overview

The goal of this two-day team building experience is to have a group of people work together to achieve a high degree of interdepence geared toward the achievement of a goal or completion of a task. The first day is an Outward Bound experience where individuals complete a challenging outdoor event in which risk taking and trust are demonstrated.

The second day uses Acumen Work styles which is a 360-degree self-assessment and co-worker feedback program. The purpose of this wokshop is to heighten the participants' self-awareness, help them understand and accept feedback information, and then apply the information to constructive use to initiate personal change.

Another option is to present Acumen as a separate workshop, not in conjunction with the Outward Bound experience.

Program Objectives

  • Increase self-awareness and confirm self-perception.
  • Develop an understanding of your management and leadership styles.
  • Learn how to capitalize on individual strengths and the strengths of others.


    Two and One/Half Days