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Proactive Project Management

Program Overview

A "proactive" project manager is several steps ahead of other project managers. They not only know how to manage their projects well, but know how to interact with others to create positive results. By being aware of pitfalls that frequently beset projects, one continuously looks ahead to anticipate problems and, through contingency planning, is prepared to side step the expected.

This two day foundational course teaches the basic skills of project management. Participants determine the size and scope for each project and then develop the necessary steps to ensure successful completion of the project. Prior knowledge of managerial or technical subjects is not required.

Program Objectives

  • Develop a project objective and definition.
  • Develop a project plan and track progress against the plan.
  • Use effective management techniques to lead a project team.
  • Demonstrate the communication skills to be an effective liaison with the client, management and the team.
  • Evaluate and complete a project in order to gain maximum productivity.


    Two Days