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Needs Assessment


Develop a plan to analyze the organizational dynamics to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of all employees;

Analyze data and develop recommendations that will ensure mastery of human resources to cope with changing demands.


  • A percentage of the employee population is randomly selected and one-on-one interviews are conducted.
  • Another way to obtain information is to facilitate a focus group where key issues are discussed.
  • The employee population outside the state may receive a questionnaire to complete and return to DMR to conserve cost.
  • Information from all the interviews and questionnaires is tabulted at a joint meeting by the consultant team.


    One valuable reward of having face to face interviews is that it allows for personal observations and feedback to the consulting team. All of the results are compiled in a report and a feedback meeting is conducted with the client. The feedback data explains the strengths and barriers to success as seen by the work force. The recommendations focus on development of the management team and employees.