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Coaching, Giving Feedback/Listening


The goal of this workshop is to develop a manager's skills as a coach. The program will enable a person to understand the value of coaching, develop basic competence in applying coaching skills, and examine how one's personality affects the coaching dynamics. Participants will learn how to identify an employee's need for instruction and direction on a current work assignment.

Giving Feedback/Listening

This workshop will cover two subject areas, giving feedback and listening. In the feedback session, participants practice telling co-workers about their performance without embarrasing them or making them angry. Individuals will learn to identify their own level of comfort in giving feedback to employees. Through skills practice, participants will learn how to deliver affirming and constructive feedback with confidence.

The listening session will focus on enhancing a manager's ability and desire to listen with understanding. The program will enable the participants to show interest in what the other has to say, ask questions to clarify what they have heard and lets the other person know what they understand.


Half Day Each Class